If you are needing Solar Power Independence or Permanent Holiday lighting for your home or business, then please give our partners a call or email today.
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Sunrise Solar Supply is about removing the barriers to off grid energy independence by providing clear choices, lower cost and full support. So many of the providers today offer solutions that overwhelm the homeowner with excessive questions and unnecessary options which immediately turns away most prospective clients.

We believe in providing focused choices that understand our clients’ needs and enabling them to perform most of the installation on their own. This allows the owners of the systems a greater sense of ownership at a lesser cost.


If you can dig a hole, turn a wrench and plug in things by following a diagram – then Sunrise Solar Supply is your best choice to help you with going solar.

Our company supports additional services such as installation, support, and warranties as needed.

Please request a quote today and let us get started on getting your off grid power system fulfilled.
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Light Up Houston offers Trimlight Select and this product is different than any other LED permanent lighting system. They install our patented channel that protects and hides the wires and electrical parts. No ugly plastic strips mounted to your home!

With a simple remote control or your smartphone, you can change your lights to any color combination that you desire. The lights in our 2 Strand system are spaced 6 inches apart, and allow you to control every other light in the channel to the color of your choice. The system can also be set to flash, automatically rotate through multiple colors, increase or decrease the speed and brightness, and more.

Call Light Up Houston at 833-(LITE-UP)454-8387 or get a
quote today.